Chiropractic Vet Services, Clinics & Events

Chiropractic Adjustment

The cost of your pet's initial chiropractic visit is $150.  

Expect to spend between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many issues your pet is experiencing.  This visit includes a comprehensive history and chiropractic examination plus your pet's first adjustment. We also use this time to review any previous diagnostic tests and medications from your regular veterinarian.   If your pet has had X-rays in the past, it would be helpful for your regular veterinarian's office to email those to us in advance of your visit.  
Please bring all medications and supplements your pet receives.    
This visit does NOT include a complete physicial examination, diagnostics, nor medications.   We will rely on you to remain consistent in your  pet's regular care with his or her veterinarian for those services.  In some cases Dr. Bandelin may recommend that your pet receives a diagnostic workup with your vet before proceeding with chiropractic care for the safety of your pet.  In this case you will have credit for an adjustment once any necessary tests have been performed. 

Follow up treatments range from 15 to 30 minutes and $50-$85.  

Clinics & Events

Dr. B can attend your event to offer services at
agility trials, herding trials, dog shows.  

Try us out at a walk-in clinic  
Saturday, April 14
11 am to 4 pm
Natural Paws

 18136 Wedge Pkwy

Reno, NV 89511

Raley's Galena Junction



Chiro Vet Chiro Pet Chiro Elisa Bandelin

We lost Tig's buddy, and Tig became very depressed. We had no idea that chiropractic adjustment could help with pet depression.  Dr. B turned her around quickly.  We then we learned Tig had cancer.  I am certain that Dr. B's chiropractic treatments for our dog have kept Tig mobile and HAPPY and going much stronger than expected.  We're so glad to have found her.  The great thing is that she is so conveniently located in central Reno, so getting there is easy.  -- Tania & Rob


Vet Chiro Pet Chiro Elisa Bandelin Chiropractor

My 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier had never been able to jump on a bar stool - he was just too stiff.  I took him to Dr. B. When we got home after his first treatment, he walked over to that bar stool.   Looked at it.  Looked at me.  Then boom, he jumped right up on it.  Any time he got a little stiff, I'd bring him in for a tune up.  Dr B made a world a difference for him. -- Annie

Piper, Nugget, Enzo

Vet Chiro Pet Chiro Elisa Bandelin Chiropractor

Team Geer LOVES Dr. Bandelin!  My 3 dogs, Piper, Enzo, and Nugget have been patients for eight years (ok, so Nugget is only 2, so she's a newbie!).  Her chiropractic magic does wonders to keep them at their "A" game on the agility course.  Piper is 14 years old; however, people think she's only 7 or 8.  I am certain that the care from Dr. Bandelin has kept her looking, and acting young!