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Does my dog need chiropractic care? Yes!

What is chiropractic care?

  All pets (even young, healthy ones!) can benefit from consistent chiropractic care. The nervous system drives the function of the entire body: musculoskeletal, mental health, organ systems, skin, digestive tract, and immune system. When neurologic communication in the body is optimized by finding and correcting subluxations (areas of poor alignment between joints), the body as a whole can function better. 

  We treat many young, active dogs whose two-legged companions want to enhance their best friend's wellness, vitality, and athletic performance.We also commonly treat the following conditions

 Source: Dr. William L Ormston, DVM; Dr. Rick Kauffman, DC. Canine Chiropractic Care: Bringing Out the Best in Your Dog. 2009  


  • Decreased level of performance (hiking, agility, fly ball, rally obedience, barn hunt, herding, etc).
  • Pain from arthritis or injury.
  • Intervertebral disc disease. 
  • Difficulty executing desired movements (climbing stairs, jumping on the couch, getting into vehicle, posturing to eliminate).
  • Behavioral changes (anxiety, hiding, crabby, depressed). 
  • Problems eating or refusing to play with toys.
  • Short striding, uneven strides, nail dragging, stumbling.
  • Changes in organ function such as liver or kidney disease
  • Muscle imbalance, spasms or atrophy.
  • Abnormal posture when standing, standing with hips uneven, sitting crooked. 
  • Allergies and other immune system disorders. 
  • Injuries resulting from falls, training or other activities.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation.

I'm Ready! How do I schedule?

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